The Sound of Faith

I love the spirit of faith, simply because of the fact that it ALWAYS honours God and it ALWAYS will unleash the miraculous of God in your life.

I have discovered that wherever there is a faith attitude, God will respond because He always responds to our faith.

I want you to lift your voice and make this declaration with me:

“I am a faith person that has a faith covenant with a faith God and God will always respond to my faith.”

One of the amazing things about travelling to different parts of the world and meeting believers of all kinds is that you will hear a familiar sound.

If you will listen with your spiritual ears, you will hear the sound of a people who refuse to be victims of their circumstances.

It is the sound of a people who purpose to live victoriously, although they may be facing all kinds of adversity.

It is the sound of a people who are intentional about making a move of faith towards God.

It is the sound of a people who are ready and available for God to do a miracle through them.

These are a people, who have an exclusive availability to God because God will ALWAYS use somebody.

If God is your source, then I dare you to make a move towards Him.

You may ask why?

Because of what the spirit of faith can do through you and me. The exciting thing is that God is waiting to work miracles through you.

He is waiting to bring healing through you.

He is waiting to bring revival through you.

He is waiting to touch your neighbour, your community and your city through you!

You may say, “But I really don’t have much to offer God.”

Actually, all God really needs is a heart filled with faith.

I want to encourage you today my friend. There’s only one way to generate genuine heart-felt faith and that is by hearing and hearing the Word. (Rom 10:17)

Sometimes, it may take several “hearings” to get the rich substance of faith deposited into your heart.

But when you do, you’ll be astounded at the magnitude of the impact it will have in your life.

And I dare say that your only regret would have been that you’d done it sooner.