Thank God for His Church

Last week, we saw how Ben Hadad, king of Syria, came against Israel and besieged the city of Samaria. (2 Kings 6:24-33). He chose his hour to attack when Israel was at their lowest.

Did you know that Satan’s favourite method of assault is similar?

He strikes when believers are at their lowest ebb and when their nerves are already stretched to their utmost.

He will come against you when you are dealing with one hundred and one things in your life trying to render you prayer-less, Word-less and praise-less.

He will launch his attack against you at a time when you are most vulnerable and susceptible.

He will assault you at a time when your guard is down, your spirit is down, your faith is down and it seems like God has left you high and dry.

But thank God for His Church!

Jesus told us that He would build His church and the very gates of hell would NOT prevail against it. (Matt 16:18)

That’s why I am a church man.

I believe whole heartedly in the local church, I always have and I always will.

And I believe that it is God’s perfect will for every person to be established, activated and planted in a local church.

Being committed and connected to your local church, will help to sustain your faith by providing ministry and encouragement, and help create an atmosphere of signs, wonders and miracles for your life.

This is critical to your spiritual well-being, especially when under attack.

In the animal kingdom, when a predator hunts for its prey, it will always look for the lone animal that has disconnected and detached itself from the rest of the pack.

In so doing, that one animal has become more vulnerable and susceptible.

It has now become easy prey.

When you are disconnected and detached from the local church (by being uninvolved and uncommitted), you are placing yourself in a very precarious position.

Just like that animal that has strayed from the pack; you too become easy prey for the enemy.

I personally know many people who, for various reasons chose to remain uninvolved and detached from the church.

Tragically, today, they are backslidden and no longer serving the Lord.

Yes, we know that the enemy will attack us and that adversity is unavoidable.

We can, however, take courage, knowing that as we come together corporately as believers, Jesus is in our midst busy building His church.

And as He does, as members of His Body, we can draw strength and encouragement from Him and from one another.

Thank God for His church!

Thank God for one another!

Thank God that where two or three are gathered in His Name, there He is in the midst of them! (Matthew 18:20)

Thank God that His victory is also our victory!