Strike the Ground

I would like to continue with last week’s scripture found in 2 Kings 13:14-19.

After king Joash shot an arrow through the window, the prophet, Elisha, got him to take out his remaining arrows and to “strike the ground.”

To the prophet’s disgust, the king only struck the ground three times, revealing his lackadaisical attitude and the unbelief that was lurking in his heart.

Joash had failed to recognise that this was not only a God moment, but also a prophetic gesture and declaration, something that he was doing in the spirit realm that would have had a significant impact in the natural against the Syrian forces.

I do believe that this is a word that God wants to speak to us today.

We so very often allow all kinds of circumstances and the pressures of life to overwhelm us to the point, that it becomes virtually impossible to see our way out of “hard places.”

It’s in times like this that we become terribly discouraged and fainthearted and we feel as if God has completely abandoned us.

But remember, God always specialises in impossible situations!

The important principle that we glean from this story, is to recognise when it is God speaking to us and then to seize the moment to capitalise on what He is saying.

The prophet told the king to “strike” the ground.

That word “strike” means to strike so deep, with such force and intentionality so as to wound and even kill.

In other words the king was to strike the ground with a firm, decisive, and determined attitude of aggression and militancy.

And it was a prophetic gesture that simulated his victory!

If you are going to seize those God moments in your life, you are not only going to have to have a decisive and determined attitude of aggression and militancy, but there are also some things that you must begin to do:

(i) You must refuse to be distracted from your God-given purpose in life;

(ii) You must stop making excuses and begin to take immediate action;

(iii) You must refuse to live life as a victim;

(iv) You must guard and protect the secrets and treasures that God has given you;

(v) You must know who you are and then be that person that God has called you to be.

No matter how difficult your circumstances may be right now, God has a word for you.

He always does.

Our job is to listen to Him, to seize that God moment with a bold fortitude of faith and then to begin to strike the ground of our “hard place.”

And then watch Him, as He begins to turn your situation completely around, bringing about your deliverance and victory.