Before you can go up, you must go down

Last week we discovered that God is the Master Builder.

So because He created us in His image, it means that we, too, are builders.

We are the tools in His hands and together with Him, we build

according to His Divine Plan.

However, any good builder will tell you, that the type of structure you build will be determined by the foundation you lay.

They will tell you that before you can go up, you must go down.

This really is the principle of the Kingdom of God, echoed by Jesus when he said; “…whoever desires to become great among you, let him be your servant.(Matthew 20:26 NKJV).

Anything that you build in this life will be determined by the kind of foundation that was laid in that persons life.

Foundation is everything because it is responsible for transferring the weight of the building to the ground. Engineers are required to study the properties of the soil very carefully to ensure that it can carry the loads imposed by the building.

The deeper one digs, the greater the load that the soil can carry, unless of course there are pockets of weak soil in the earth.

The type of foundation that is laid, will determine several things about the building:

 1.       The TYPE of building that is built:

Engineers will tell you that a single storey building will require a different foundation to a six-storey building.

Pile foundations are used in high-rise structures because they are capable of taking higher, concentrated loads.

Well, its the same when it comes to our walk with the Lord. If we are going to allow God to build something great out of our lives, the kind of foundation that we lay is going to be very important.

The truth is that God desires to build something great out of our lives, if we will allow Him to.

Sometimes we complain because we see others being more blessed and moving further in God than ourselves.

But let me ask you a question today:

What are you giving Him to work with?

A building cannot exceed the foundation thats been laid.

And you and I cannot grow beyond the foundation thats been laid.

In other words, God cannot exceed the Word level in you.

He cannot take you where you have not been in His Word.

My friend, God wants to build something great out of your life and the right level of His Word in you will allow Him to do so.

The greater the Word levels in you, the greater the life that He will build in and through you.

2. The LONGEVITY of the building

It is natural to want to build something that will last for many generations.

A good foundation in your life will ensure that you will go on for God, going from strength to strength and from glory to glory.

3. The STRENGTH of the building:

A building that has a deep and solid foundation is able to weather ALL storms of life.

So too in your life.

In Matthew 7:24-27, the storms of life came and the wise man who built on solid rock was able to withstand all the storms.

Its never a question of ifthe storms will come but whenthey will come.

And the real question is; Will you be able to weather the storms of life?

As you can see, foundation is really everything.

God wants to use you for His glory and desires to build something great out of your life.

My prayer is that you will commit to laying a proper foundation in your life that comes by spending time in fellowship with Him and reading and studying His Word.

I know it takes time, effort, and commitment, but I can honestly promise you that it is worth every single bit of it.

Because before you can go up, you must go down.


Father, thank You for helping me to commit to laying a strong and solid foundation in my walk with You.