Room for More Faith

Today, I would like to talk to you about faith, in light of Jesus’ parable in Luke 14:16-25.

Truth be told, it is impossible to speak about this parable without speaking about faith, because there is always room for more of God’s faith in our lives.

The disciples asked Jesus one day to increase their faith.

Luke 17:5


Simply because there is always room for more faith.

Throughout the gospels, Jesus would often highlight the faith levels of people He encountered.

These ranged from “no faith” (Matthew 16:8), to “little faith” (Mark 4:40), to great faith (Matthew 15:21-28), and finally to mountain moving faith. (Mark 11:23).

Even though the Bible tells us that everyone has been dealt a measure of faith (Romans 12:3), the awesome thing about it is that there is always room for more and we can all increase our faith levels simply by increasing our “Word”  intake. (Romans 10:17).

Faith is an incredible dynamic that God has given to you and me, but, as incredible as it is, it also has a “funny” side to it, if I may so.

Many people find it difficult to grasp faith because of the unconventional way it gets to work in people’s lives.

This is because faith is not of the mind but of the heart and subsequently defies logic and reason.

The crazy thing, though, is that even though you find yourself in this life with absolutely nothing in your hand, nothing in your bank account, nothing in your pantry, nobody to back you up and stand alongside you, just a Word from God in your heart and in your mouth, can change your whole world!

My friend, your believing, is one of the greatest assets you can ever possess. And God gave you the ability to believe.

And when everybody else has told you it is over and there is nothing more you can do, there is one last thing that you still can do.

You can still believe.

In Mark 9:22, the father with the demonised child asked Jesus, “If You can do anything, have compassion on us and help us.”

I really like what Jesus said to him in verse 23.

Jesus said, “If YOU can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.”

Jesus was, in effect, telling the man, “The question is not whether I can do anything. I can do anything because I am God. The question rather is, can you believe?”

And I hear Jesus asking you and me the same question today.

“Can you believe, in the midst of your storm?”

“Can you believe, despite the report you received?”

“Can you believe, even though everything else has failed?”

“Can you believe Me for the impossible in your life?”

Come on, let’s get into God’s Word and allow faith to rise in our hearts.

Let’s choose to believe God and His Word - despite all that we hear, see or feel in the natural.

Remember, your miracle is waiting for you in the invisible or spirit realm and only faith, your faith, can access it for you.

That’s the reason why there is always room for more of God’s faith in our lives.


Heavenly Father, as I feed on Your Word, my faith will increase, enabling me to believe You for the impossible in my life.