Be Strong and of Good Courage

It has been said that courage is doing what you’re afraid to do but unless you are afraid there is no courage.

How true!

I’m sure that Joshua must have felt somewhat afraid, as he looked at the Jordan River that was in full flood.

In the distance was Canaan, the land that had been promised to his people, a land that truly flowed with milk and honey.

And what was even more daunting was the fact that the cities were fortified with high walls in which lived some of the most ferocious inhabitants of his time. These people were cold-blooded warriors who were experts in tactical warfare, possessing some of the most sophisticated military equipment of the day.

No wonder that when God spoke to Joshua, He reminded him not once, not even twice, but three times to “be strong and of good courage.”

If there was ever a time that anybody was going to need courage and lots of it, it was now and Joshua knew that.

The task that lay ahead of him was far bigger than what he possessed in the natural.

Joshua knew that if he was going to succeed in this God-given mission that he would have to rely totally upon the Lord.

He had seen Moses do it time and time again and after serving him for 40 years in the wilderness, this was a trait that had been divinely instilled in him.

You see, friend, God will always give you a task or vision that, in the natural, seems impossible to accomplish.

As a matter of fact, a real dream or vision from God will always be far bigger than anything you possess in the natural to accomplish that dream.

That’s how you know it’s from God.

Perhaps you’re in that same predicament today.

Then this word is for you; “be strong and of good courage.”

You have been uniquely created and shaped by God and born for such a time as this, to fulfil those God-given dreams and visions. And only you can do that, nobody else.

Perhaps it’s your business and things are not going as well as you planned, then “be strong and of good courage.”

Perhaps you have recently been married and there are some challenges that you need to work through, then “be strong and of good courage.”

Perhaps it’s a church or ministry that you have started and it’s proving to be more difficult than you anticipated, then “be strong and of good courage.”

Whatever impossible task you may face, lift up your eyes and fix them on Jesus.

And He will give you ALL the strength and courage that you need.