DCC is a church that is not only committed to winning people to Jesus but also to see them grow and develop into mature disciples of Jesus. We believe that the Lord has given us a strategy to fully accomplish this awesome task through the R.E.A.P principle an acronym for: Reach, Establish, Activate and Plant.


DCC places the highest premium on winning the lost for Jesus. Winning souls is our delight, our purpose, our heartbeat and the very closest thing to God’s own heart. 



As a new disciple of Jesus, it is important to lay a solid foundation for your continued walk with the Lord, establishing you to fulfil; the purposes and plans that He has for your life. 



Here we begin to emphasise the important role that each believer plays in the Body of Christ and the function that best suits you. Through a series of seminars, we enable believers to be activated into their various giftings and callings to serve others in the church, our city and nation.



Once activated, each believer becomes like a green olive tree, planted and ready to bear much fruit for the Kingdom. A further series of seminars helps to mature believers so that they are able to assist in planting LifeGroups, developing different ministries and even pioneering churches. In this way, we believe that we are able to reach our neighbourhoods, city, nation and the countries of the world with the love of Jesus to fulfil the Antioch mandate upon DCC.

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