Despite the devastation of watching the Jesus Dome auditorium burn down on Tuesday night (07-06-2016), we have been overwhelmed by the love and kindness from the people of Durban and the hundreds of messages from South African and  international pastors and friends.

We stand united in our faith to rise triumphantly from the ashes and see the Jesus Dome rebuilt.

Our Christian faith teaches us that all things are possible and no matter how tough the obstacles we shall overcome them.

We thank God that no one was injured in the fire and the prayers and concern of so many people has been a heart-warming experience amidst the tragedy.

From Sunday June 19 we will be having services every Sunday at the Jesus Dome premises at 8am and 10.30 in a tent that will pitched in the car park. Please join as we stand united to see the Jesus Dome rebuilt.


- Founders Dr Fred & Nellie Roberts, Senior Pastors John & Joy Torrens and

the Regional Pastors and Staff of DCC -



  ACCOUNT NAME: Durban Christian Centre Jesus Dome NPC T/A  Building Fund  

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 1130438368 - BANK:  Nedbank

BRANCH ADDRESS: Braam Fischer Road-  BRANCH CODE: 16482600  -  REFERENCE: Building Fund




We are a family of Christians who love God and care for each other. We hope that you will make DCC your church where your spiritual life and that of your family will be strengthened. In addition, you will experience a family atmosphere where we express our love in practical ways when it is needed most. 

There are a team of pastors and elders, whom you will meet, who are ready and able to serve you and your family. Most of all we want to see you grow in the things of God and have an influence much further than your own home, by touching the lives of others when they see what God has done in your life.

Our church is so much more than a website and we hope that you would visit us. We would love to make you feel right at home.