Media Team

Our media department plays a pivotal role in making our epic Sunday services happen. The department has many sub-departments that you can be a part of such as: Audio-Visual, Lighting, Sound, Videography & Photography.

If you love the technics, then this is for you!



If you love people and want to serve God’s people, this department is the perfect fit for you. Our team of ushers have the biggest smiles and the warmest hugs as they take care of our congregation members every Sunday!

We would love for you to be a part of this team!

Childrens Church.jpg

worship team

If you’re musically inclined or gifted with a beautiful voice, our worship team would love to have you!


Children’s Church

If your passion lies with the kiddies, then this department is for you. Our children’s church is dynamic and has the brilliant Orange 252 programme that is filled with singing, dancing and acting to teach the Word of God.


Arts & Drama

Be it acting or dancing, if this is your talent, we are looking for you.

As a church, we are constantly looking for fresh new faces to act in our productions, both Easter & Christmas. We also have a dynamic dance team where you can join your passion with ours.



Our security team are the heroes that take care of our safety during the service, both internally and externally. If security is your passion, please click below and be a part of our wonderful team!


dream machines

Are the people in blue that you see in the car park, greeting you and helping you park your car.

Our dream machines do an exceptional job of creating that epic Sunday experience for our congregation members. If you have a bubbly personality and want to brave it out in the car park, day and night, we’d love to have you!