False Prophets

“Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many.” - Mathew 24:11

 Jesus, on a number of occasions, warns of deception in the last days and says, “Be not deceived”. There will not be one or two but many false prophets who will deceive many. 

The deception may be close to the truth, but it is error, nevertheless. One of the main devices of the devil is deception and he goes about his business to destroy unsuspecting victims. A person is deceived by a hearer, and not, a doer of God’s word.

In recent times we have seen headlines and television coverage of people and groups who claim that the world is going to end on such and such a date or that Jesus will return on a specific date.

Hollywood has cashed in with some movies that depict a cataclysmic end to the earth. 

But these claims are all false. Unfortunately many believe the false prophets and in some cases sell their homes and give away all their savings because they are deceived by false teachers.

Christians can also deceive themselves when they think that contact with sin will not have an effect on their Christian walk... It is so easy to be deceived thinking everyone is wrong except me. To be judgemental of the work of God, finding fault, being critical and negative opens one to deception. 

The word of God is forever sealed; we cannot add or take away from it in any way. Today I will purpose in my heart to always examine everything I hear in the light of God’s word and simply follow the truth as revealed in His word.   

Dear Father in heaven I lift my voice to You today in grateful thanks for all Your many blessings. Thank You for Your keeping grace and power and that you will help me today to be on my guard against every subtle temptation and deception of the devil, in the name of the Lord Jesus.