The Beginning of Sorrows

“For nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of sorrows.” - Matthew 24:7-8

These things mentioned by Jesus seem very relevant today. In Him saying that nation will rise against nation, He was referring to ethnic groups rising up in opposition to each other.  

We have witnessed much of this in Europe, especially since the breakup of the Soviet Union, in Africa and in the Middle East, where there is a continual battle between the Jews, the Palestinians and Arab nations. Kingdoms have come and gone as conflicts have risen between them and continue to happen again and again.

Despite the wealth of many nations famine is more evident in our world today than it has ever been. With changing weather patterns and proud stubborn attitudes of certain leaders and governments famine and starvation is getting worse in many areas of our world.

Science has made wonderful strides in combating many illnesses, but as they conquer one disease another appears, like AIDS or an old scourge re-occurs, like malaria and TB. Cancer and heart disease take a tremendous toll in lives each year.  

We have witnessed earthquakes in recent times that have been of mammoth proportions, even under the sea, causing a tsunami of fearful proportions with violent destruction. Earthquakes are happening in the most unlikely places and are on the increase all the time. Just watch the news and you will see and hear of more violent earthquakes with devastating effects.

Jesus said this is only the beginning of sorrows, in other words it is going to get much worse before the end and His coming again.

Dear Father, thank You for your presence. You are with me today, so of whom and what shall I be afraid? In You I put my confidence and trust knowing that You are for me, and who can be against me as I live today in obedience to Your word.