Don't Pretend

“They love the best places at feasts, the best seats in the synagogues, greetings in the market- places, and to be called by men, ‘Rabbi, Rabbi.’”
- Matthew 23:6-7

Jesus continues to speak out against hypocrisy describing the desire and actions of the hypocrites. From time to time I have been told, “I don’t go to church because there are too many hypocrites.” But why try and hide behind someone smaller than yourself?

Simply stated, “a hypocrite is a play actor”, being something he or she is not. The desire to be recognized, to be given special treatment, or special place of recognition, to be exalted, to be especially seen by others as a person of importance, to have a title and position, to be recognized and greeted in the shopping malls and called  ‘Reverend, Reverend.’ Honour must be given to those who should be honoured, but we must be careful of the subtlety of pride, which is destructive.

Jesus spoke with tender love and compassion to the sinner with the view of them accepting His forgiveness and making restitution, when they could, as in the case of Zaccheus. But to the hypocrite He was direct and forthright. Hypocrisy grieves God’s heart intensely. Why pretend to be what you are not. Why put on a show of spirituality when it is not real. Why go through religious motions that are an outward show with no true reality?

Let us be real and stop pretending. Man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart.

Today can I say before God that I am sincere and upright in my life and service to Jesus Christ? Take another look into your heart today and ask Him to show you your heart like it really is, for out of it are the issues of life.

Dear Father thank You for Your word of truth and life.  Thank You for the blood of the Lord Jesus that cleanses me from all sin and as I walk in the light and truth of Your word it continues to cleanse me. Help me today to serve You with true obedience and humility, in the name of the Lord Jesus.