Prayer And Fasting

“However, this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting.” - Matthew 17:21

What does Jesus mean when saying this? What “kind” is He referring to?  Why is it necessary to pray and combine it with fasting to get the evil spirits to leave? Unbelief limits God from working on our behalf. Unbelief stops the miracle from taking place and do not experience the blessings of God to their fullest degree because of this.

The people of Israel when they came to the Promised Land did not enter in because of their unbelief. What they saw and heard caused them to draw back in unbelief. Without faith we can never please God and unbelief must be dealt with so that we will not be defeated in every good endeavour for God.

Prayer, combined with fasting, will help build an intimate relationship with God, causing His word to take on a new dimension and become alive to you.

Deepen your efforts to come closer to God. Start fasting for just one day and then longer as you enter into a new dynamic lifestyle. There are different fasts taught in the Bible. There is a total fast, abstaining from all food and liquid. This kind of fast cannot be done for longer than three days. The normal fast is going without food but drinking liquids and a partial fast, or Daniel fast, soup is taken besides water and fruit juices.

Fasting with prayer will help you to become far more sensitive to the Spirit than you have ever been before. Begin to live a fasted life and discover the difference in your relationship with God.

Dear Lord Jesus thank You for your example that I can follow. When here on earth you revealed the Fathers’ will by what You did and taught. You fasted and prayed. Help me to follow Your example and do what You taught us to do. By Your help I will seek You by prayer and fasting.