The Cost Of Time

For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.” - Matthew 16:25

The cycle of human life is simply a period of time from birth to death, for some the duration of time is longer than others.  But what we do with our lives during that cycle of time is important.

Life is like a puff of smoke that is here for a moment and then is gone. It is like water poured on the earth and is soaked up and gone. The brevity of life is very obvious and the investment of time, which is life, is important.

Today I have seconds, minutes and hours that are available for investment.  Time that I spend today on vain, selfish pursuits will be lost, but time given for the sake of the Lord Jesus and His Kingdom, is an investment of my life for gain. Therefore, look for opportunities today to make your life count and use it for Him.

Evaluate the time you spend on yourself and how much time you spend regarding the things of the kingdom. There is loss or gain in what you do with your life today.  This precious commodity of time, our lives, is either wasted with great loss or invested for benefit and profit for His sake.

Dear Lord Jesus, thank You for a new day and all the opportunities that it presents.  Help me to fulfil the desire of Your heart today.  Guide me in all the decisions that I need to make that they may be according to Your perfect will.