How To Receive Jesus

“And whoever receives one little child like this in My name receives Me.” - Matthew 18:5

Children in many cases are looked upon as unimportant, but it must be remembered that Jesus was a child at one time, and later we see that He bade the children come to Him and He blessed them.

His disciples wanted to send the mothers away with their children but Jesus drew them to Himself. Who knows what place that little child will find in society in the future or what that child will accomplish in the future? All children have an important place in the plan and purposes of God.  

When we disregard, neglect or ignore little children we demonstrate our attitude towards the Lord Jesus Christ. Push a child aside and we push Him aside.  Receive a child in His name and you receive Him. This means there is great value on how we treat children in reaching out to them and ministering to them. What can I do for a child or children today? Can I do something in some way to help orphans?

Cultivate openness to little children; be as determined as possible to receive them into your heart and life. My attitude to little children will demonstrate my attitude to the Lord Jesus. As I receive them so I will receive the Lord Jesus.  

Dear Lord Jesus thank You for making it clear to me that the manner in which I receive a little child is the way I receive You. Forgive me if I have been unresponsive to little children. By Your help I will give them more time and place in my life.


Fadeliah Sheikh-Yunoos