Only Believe

Do not be afraid; only believe.” - Mark 5:36

 Only believe. It is such a simple command. We do not have to be professors or theologians to understand those two words of Jesus. You don’t have to know Greek or Hebrew.

So why do we struggle to take God at His word? In the verse above Jesus was on His way to the bedside of a young girl who was desperately ill.  The father wanted Jesus to come to his home and pray for her. But before this happened the father was told by servants that the girl was dead.

Jesus heard those words and so did the father.  The Lord’s response was, “Only believe.” He knew that the mention of death had caused despair and fear to grip the heart of the father.

There were two voices ringing in the father’s head – the words of Jesus and the lie of the devil, “she is dead”. Jesus was quick to reinforce the father’s faith, “Only believe.”

When we are faced with a challenge,   the devil will try and get us to believe his lies, but that is when we must be strong in our faith and believe only the report of the Lord.

A pastor once said that all the trouble that ever came into the world came by two things – listening to the lies of the devil and disbelieving God.  Every conceivable blessing comes by the exact opposite of these two things – turning a deaf ear to the devil’s lies and fully believing God.

Dear heavenly Father thank You for the truth of Your word. Help me to fully trust Your word and to see the fruit of its power and provision manifest in my life and in the lives of my loved ones. Help me today to walk confidently in the truth of Your word.