Jesus With Us

“For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.” - Matthew 18:20

Jesus is not far removed from us as some may imagine. We read that He rose from the dead, ascended to Heaven and have a picture in our minds that he is light years away from us somewhere in space.

But it is not so.  Where His name is, is where He is. Where He is honoured and uplifted He has said He will be present. One of the attributes of God is that He is everywhere at the same time, He is omnipresent and it is impossible to hide or flee from Him.

However, there is, at times, the manifest presence of God that is tangible and real, a presence that touches our spirit, soul and body.

When we worship Him, sing to Him, His glory will be manifest in our midst. What a difference Jesus’ presence made on various occasions when He was on earth. Water was turned into wine at a wedding; the blind received their sight, the deaf heard, the lame walked and the dead were raised to life. The poor had the gospel preached to them, He taught, forgave and comforted.

He is as real, compassionate, merciful and full of love as then, unchanging and willing to do above all that we may ask or think.   Determine today that the Lord Jesus will always be in the centre of our lives and the main focus of our lives as we lift His name up high.

Dear heavenly Father thank You for Your love, Your goodness and faithfulness towards me. I give You praise and thanks for all You have done and are doing for me. Help me never to lose sight of the importance of gathering together in that name that is above every name, the name of the Lord Jesus.