Saving what was Lost

“For the Son of man has come to save that which was lost.” - Matt. 18:11

Jesus states the important reason why He came into this world – “to save that which was lost.” The question immediately arises, what is “that” which was lost. Man in the beginning was created to have fellowship with God and to worship Him. He was made in the image of God and clothed with the glory of God.

Man’s disobedience and fall resulted in him losing his covering of glory and his enjoyment of fellowship and intimacy with God. By this act of disobedience sin entered into the world and thus all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. The whole of the human race was plunged into a lost state and under the devil’s jurisdiction. Sin, sickness, disease, poverty and spiritual death came when man separated from God. The world came under a curse.

It was into this world that Jesus came to reclaim all that was lost through man’s sin and rebellion against God and his submission to the rule of the devil. Jesus took back, through his death at Calvary, and his resurrection, everything that the devil had stolen. Since that victory Jesus, through the Person of the Holy Spirit, has been changing and empowering people to live and proclaim the Good News.

Ultimately all that was lost will be restored when He returns to the earth and there is a new heaven and new earth. We today can shout joyously “Jesus saves, Jesus saves.” Thank God he came to save that which was lost.

Dear heavenly Father thank You for Your great gift of Jesus to save and to love all that was lost. Thank You for providing salvation and that You have saved me to know You and have fellowship with You.