Power to Bind and Loose

“Assuredly, I say to you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” - Matthew 18:18

The authority invested in the believer by God is amazing. That we as mere mortals, according to the word of Jesus, can bind and loose what we determine to bind on earth, and know that it has already been bound in Heaven and that what we determine to loose on earth is already loosed in heaven. This means that heaven comes into agreement with what we do here on earth.

When there is a refusal on our part to be reconciled with those who have sinned against us they and we are bound and Heaven binds us. When there is forgiveness and reconciliation there is a release and Heaven responds by releasing.

The authority given to the believer to be operative and effective is dependent on forgiveness. As long as there is unforgiveness in our hearts the devil runs rampant, unrestrained, bringing sickness and disease along with various infirmities, which keep people in bondage and Heaven, cannot do anything about it.

But when we walk in the freedom of forgiveness, without any bitterness or resentment in our lives we have the power to bind Satan’s activities and Heaven responds.

Let us examine our hearts today to make sure that we are not hindering Heaven from helping us to walk in victory over the works of the devil.

Dear heavenly Father I thank You in the name of the Lord Jesus for Your help and guidance in all that I do today. Thank You for the authority and power that You have entrusted me with to bind and to loose according to Your will.