Be Reconciled - Part 2

“But if he will not hear, take with you one or two more that by the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established.” - Matt. 18:16

Jesus makes it clear in his word today that reconciliation with others must be pursued with determination. You go alone to the one who has sinned against you and try your best to be reconciled and they refuse to give you a hearing, it is not left there.

Jesus says take two or three witnesses with you for them to discern between you and the other party and arbitrate in the situation. Every word spoken between you can be discerned and a decision taken to bring about forgiveness and reconciliation and the matter laid to rest. Two angels, as witnesses, attested to Jesus’ resurrection and so was His ascension into Heaven.

Again we are reminded of the confirmation and the power of those who listen to all the facts presented and then come to a decision with the hope of achieving reconciliation. The way Jesus tells us to settle our differences, is very different, to what so many would rather do. 

Has someone wronged you? Has there been an irresistible urge to get even? Settle in your heart today as you choose to be reconciled and do it the way Jesus said it should be done. It may not be easy in the natural but this is Jesus’ way. Tomorrow we read what happens when the above fails.

Dear God my Father, thank You for Your irrefutable, eternal word before which I am challenged. I choose today to be reconciled to those who have offended me. By Your help today I will follow the way You have directed me to be reconciled, in the name of the Lord Jesus.