Be Reconciled - Part 1

“Moreover if your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault between you and him alone. If he hears you, you have gained your brother.”

- Matthew 18:15

Jesus today gives us the way to resolve a situation wherein you have been sinned against. Someone has said or done something that has upset and hurt you. Take the initiative and go the person alone and confront the issue in love. You may feel that they owe you an apology and need to ask your forgiveness, but Jesus says tell him his fault. 

The action that has brought about a separation needs to be faced and dealt with and every effort made to resolve the matter. It is just between the person and you and you are to pursue the matter, trusting you will be heard. We cannot entertain resentment, bitterness or allow ourselves to harbour unforgiveness. These are destructive emotions and if allowed to persist can affect your physical wellbeing.

This course of action as prescribed by Jesus will bring release, healing and victory into your life. We gain and do not lose by this action.

We have today to respond to the conviction and leading of the Holy Spirit to be reconciled and live in harmony and peace with others. Resolve that if there is someone who has said or acted badly towards you, you will go to them and do what Jesus says must be done. Tomorrow we will deal with what happens if your efforts are rejected.

Dear heavenly Father thank You for Your love towards me today and Your help and reconciliation. Show me my heart as You see it and bring to mind those who have sinned against me that I may go and be reconciled with them, in the name of the Lord Jesus.