Stretch Out Your Hand

“He said to the man, “Stretch out your hand”.  - Matthew 12:13

It is amazing how religion can blind a person. The religious Pharisees were always trying to trap Jesus with the aim of putting Him to death. They witnessed a man with a withered hand totally restored, but continued to plot to kill Him.

Jesus says ‘stretch out your hand.’ Your hand is ingenious when you consider the ability it has. Hands speak of service, the things you do.

Have your hands been inactive in the service of the King of Kings? You have talents and certain abilities - are they inactive, or active, in the service of the Lord Jesus Christ? Idle hands can become the tools of the devil.

Stretch out your hand today to meet the need of someone who needs your help. Stretch out your hand to bless and not to strike and harm. It takes hands to build as well as to tear down. Decide that your actions will be helpful and constructive in building up people.

Jesus laid His hands upon the sick to heal. He put His hands upon the children to bless them; so today we venture to serve others with love and kindness.  

Dear Lord Jesus, help me today to be observant and see the needs of others and help me to fill that need and heal the hurts of others. By Your grace and help I shall endeavour to be Your hand extended to someone today.