Divided You Fall

“Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself will not stand.”  - Matthew 12:25

 Two cannot walk together in unity without agreement. The quickest way to bring about the fall of a nation, a city or a home, is by division. Unity is strength and we must strive to keep it. God says one will chase a thousand while two will chase ten thousand.

When there was a united effort to build a tower to reach up into the heavens, God said nothing that was imagined by them would be impossible. They had one purpose and one language, but when God confused their language by introducing new foreign languages, they were confused and left off building the tower of Babel.

 Division among nations leads to war and devastation. Division among leaders in a city leads to confusion and progress fails. When husband and wife, fail to live in harmony it will eventually result in a break-up of the home. Division is provoked by the devil who is always out to destroy.

Choose today to live in harmony with everyone to the best of your ability and decide not to tolerate any form of division in actions or words.

Dear Lord Jesus today I thank You for all You mean to me. You are my all in all and I just want to tell You again that I love You and I know that You will help me to walk and live in unity today.