Who am i?

“Who do men say that I, the Son of Man, am?”…” But who do you say that I am?” - Matthew 16:13, 15

There was much conjecture and speculation about Jesus as a person.  What were they saying about Him and who did they think He was? Some said He was Elijah who some felt according to prophecy would return. Others said He was Jeremiah, a comparative prophet, while other said He was John the Baptist who had risen from the dead.

It is true that in power he was like Elijah and in His comparison He was like Jeremiah the weeping prophet, and in His preaching He was like John the Baptist.

The question, however, is who do you say He is? Is He just another historical figure who walked across the page of time? Is He an outstanding teacher and religious leader? Is He just a good religious leader? Is he just a good example to follow?

Is He to you today what He claimed to be, the Son of God who came to this earth 2 000 years ago, lived and died and after three days and nights in a tomb He arose forever declaring to be the Son of God?

Who do you say He is to you personally?  Others say much but what do I say about Him?  Can you say today Jesus Christ is Lord?  He is my Saviour, Master, and He is my all in all.

The disciple Judas said, “I have betrayed innocent blood”. Peter said, “You are the Christ the Son of God.”  The doubting disciple Thomas said, “My Lord and My God.” Paul, the apostle, said, “In Him dwelt the fullness of the Godhead bodily.”  God the Father said, “This is my Beloved Son hear Him.”

If you are undecided about your relationship with Him decide today that He will be Lord of all.

Dear Lord Jesus thank You for Your great love with which You loved me. Thank You for taking my place, dying and shedding Your blood for me at Calvary.  I know You, but I want to know You even more intimately than I do in the power of Your resurrection and in the fellowship of Your suffering.