Keep it Simple

I thank You Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because You have hidden these things from the wise and prudent and have revealed them to babes.” - Matthew 11:25

Jesus came to this earth to rescue sinners from the prince of darkness. He went to the cross and died a sacrificial death and shed His blood for sin. To enter the kingdom of heaven all you need do is repent, ask God to forgive you and the blood blots out your sin and you receive eternal life. That is the gospel in a nutshell.

Yet how often do we complicate the scriptures and sometimes when we witness and when we preach we like to show off our deep knowledge of the word, but the person in the pew is left in a fog of confusion.

Dr R A Torrey, the great American evangelist and author of over 40 books once said: “I am always suspicious of profound explanations of scripture, explanations that require a scholar or philosopher to understand them. The Bible is a plain man’s book. In at least 99 cases in a hundred the meaning of scripture lies on the surface – the meaning that any simple-minded man, woman or child who really wants to know and obey the truth would see in it.”

Keeping it simple is not an excuse to study the word. We should meditate on it daily so that we grow in grace and maturity. God’s word is our supernatural sustenance for our spirits. Without it we lose our joy, our peace and our effectiveness as soul winners. God’s word equips every Christian to become a witness to lead sinners to a loving Jesus.

Dear Father in heaven, thank You for Your word. Help me to meditate on it daily and to put it into practice in my daily life. Help me to be a soul-winner for Jesus.