The Trap of Tradition

“Why do you also transgress the commandment of God because of your tradition?” - Matthew 15:3

God commands and we refuse to obey or change His commandments by our views and ideas. We render the word of God ineffective by vain traditions.

The religious leaders in Jesus’ day endeavoured to be very careful in keeping the commandments of God. They even added to them, which Jesus called vain traditions, bringing unnecessary condemnation and bondage upon people.

All the commandments of God are easily obeyed and kept if we keep the two which are most important – “you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind”, and the second, which is like it, “you shall love your neighbour as yourself”.

On these two commands hang all the law, said Jesus. Man-made rules and regulations, which are additions to the clearly stated will of God, amount to traditions that only serve to render the word of God ineffective.

Let us examine the depth of our love for Him today and our love for our neighbour, and purpose to keep His commandments.

How often we have been guilty of worshiping and saying words to God which do not come from our hearts endeavouring to get closer to God, but it is only lip service?  May we weigh every word spoken or sung to God and be sure they are sincere and from our hearts and not vain repetitions of tradition.

Say out loud, as a confession of your lips. “Dear God and Father today I choose by Your help to love You with all my heart, my mind, my strength and to love others like I love myself.”