You Have What You Believe

“Go your way; and as you have believed, so let it be done for you.”

- Matthew 8:13

The centurion said that Jesus only needed to say a word and his servant would be healed. Jesus said, “As you believed, so it shall be.”  At that same hour the servant was healed. Jesus’ faith operated by Him believing, and saying what He believed, so it came to pass.

We can have what we believe and say with our mouths. Your believing has great power to bring to pass the most spectacular miracles.

What do you believe for today? Is it physical healing? Is it for a financial breakthrough? Is it for restoration in a relationship?  No matter what it is, remember as you and I believe, so shall it be.

When the centurion approached Jesus he knew what he was believing for and he had no doubt that Jesus would meet that need.

Today we have the benefit of the Bible, regular studies and teaching in the word to build up our faith, but head knowledge must be exercised, so step out in faith and agree with the revealed will of God and say what God says, and you will have what you believe.

Dear Lord Jesus, by and through You all things were created and all things exist. I believe that all things are possible and all You need to do is speak a word and my need is supplied. I trust You today to fill my every need. Thank You, I believe it is done in Your name.