Brand New

“Nor do they put new wine into old wine skins; or else the wine skins break, the wine is spilled and the wine skins are ruined: But they put new wine into new wine skins, and both are preserved.” - Matthew 9:17

An animal skin was the container for wine in Jesus’ day, and new wine put in an old wine skin would result in the loss of the wine as well as the container. The new cannot be placed in the old without loss and damage. There must be a new container for that which is new. 

The Holy Spirit, who comes into us at the new birth, brings joy, peace and happiness. He cannot come into a life that is bound by sin; if He did it would have serious outcome and dreadful conflict. Of necessity there must be a change of heart and life for Him to be poured into that life.  Let Christ become a reality in your life.

The new birth brings an instant new spiritual dynamic into your life. You now have a personal relationship with God, through your Saviour Jesus Christ. Old habits and old sinful ways are no longer pleasing. Your sins are all forgiven and you possess eternal life.

Dear Lord Jesus, thank You for a new day and for fresh new things today. Help me not to hold onto the old which is destructive, but I choose to allow You to have Your way in all that I do today.