The Wise Man

“Therefore whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock; and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house and it did not fall, for it was founded on the rock.” - Matthew 7:24, 25

 Jesus likens the person who hears and does what He has said to a wise builder who builds a house with foundations on rock.

 The houses of our lives are being built by not only hearing His word, but also doing what He says. There are many who hear His word but decline to act upon His word.

 In 1 Cor. 10:4 we are told that the people of Israel, as they journeyed through the wilderness before entering Canaan, had a Rock following them and that Rock was Christ. The Psalmist, David, again and again refers to the Lord as being His Rock,” A blessed rock, and a rock higher than I.”

Jesus said He would build His church on a Rock. This Rock is Himself. Your life and mine are to be built upon Him. By grounded in His word no storm will be able to destroy us. Storms of life will come our way, but we do not fear them.

 Dear Lord Jesus You are my Rock and strong fortress. I hide in Your shadow. Help me to build my life upon You, grounded and immovable as I continually act upon Your word.