He is Willing

“I am willing, be cleansed.” - Matthew 8:3

 When it comes to receiving anything from God, it is not the question of His ability to do it, for with God nothing is impossible; by His willingness He can do anything, but do we believe He is really willing?  

This is a reason for not being healed, or receiving what we request of Him in prayer. We ask ourselves “does He really want to do it for me?” This question must be settled in our hearts and minds once and for all. For as long as we entertain those thoughts we get ourselves in the doubting zone. And that’s really like wandering in the wilderness, never quite sure whether God will provide or not.

But God is not only willing but He is also willing to do far above all that we ask or think. Jesus settles the matter in his response when the leper asks Him “If you are willing you can make me clean?” Jesus replies, “I am willing”.

He is willing to heal you, He is willing to cleanse you, forgive you, and help you get though each day.

When you first believed you were not only forgiven and cleansed from sin, but you were immediately destined for Heaven. Having believed that wonderful miracle of salvation why do we doubt that God will hear and meet our daily needs?

Dear Lord Jesus I know that nothing is impossible to You, and You are willing to perform a miracle on my behalf, as I trust You today.