Great Faith

“Assuredly I say to you, I have not found such great faith, not even in Israel.”

- Matthew 8:10

The centurion, whose servant was critically ill at home, said to Jesus “I am not worthy for You to come to my home, but just say a word and my servant shall be healed. “ 

He, being a man of authority, under authority, and by a word commanded others, reasoned that Jesus was under the authority of God, and all that was necessary was for just a word to be spoken and his servant would be healed.  

This faith exemplified is greater than any ever shown in Israel by any of its many great leaders, prophets or kings. Great faith can never be exercised unless you are under authority. When you are under authority, you have authority, and your words will carry that authority.

The centurion never doubted the authority that Jesus had and neither should we.

 We need to submit ourselves under those in authority over us, in the Lord and under Him, to exercise great faith, which brings great results and exciting answers to your prayers.

Dear Father in heaven, I submit myself under You completely to do all Your will requires of me. I choose to submit under those who are in authority over me today, and to do what You desire of me. Remove every rebellious attitude and wrong thoughts from me today so that I may please You in every way. I ask it in the name of the Lord Jesus.