Your Treasure

 “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” - Matt. 6:21

You will put your money where your heart is. Wherever your heart is your money will follow. As an example, if it is in my heart to help orphans, I will give money to this end. If I desire to see the kingdom of God extended here on earth, I will give for evangelism. If my heart is in my church, I will give towards its support.

This applies to almost everything, thus my heart attitude is revealed by the way I use my finances.

Where is my heart today?

Just examine where you are investing your money, is it for time or eternity? Jesus says we are to lay up treasures in heaven because deposits made in God’s kingdom bear eternal dividends. Keeping this in mind helps keep greed and extravagance under control.

Finance and money given to the spreading of the gospel is the most satisfying way of serving God and experiencing the joy of knowing that what you are doing will last for eternity.

The Bible warns that the love of money is the root of evil and to avoid that ever happening you need to cultivate a generous spirit. Money is neutral and how we handle it depends on our heart attitude.

Dear Father in heaven, today I determine to make my giving count. I surrender my heart to You to go in the direction You choose, so that I shall lay up treasure in heaven.