Don’t Deviate

“I must preach the kingdom of God to the other cities also, because for this purpose I have been sent.” - Luke 4:43

 Jesus knew what His mission was and never veered off on another course. He had been sent for a purpose and He knew what the purpose was. It is sad when people do not know what their purpose in life is and the result is that they drift with no specific goals and direction.

 Jesus was sent by the Father to do a specific thing. He was not going to deviate from a mandate given to Him by His Father. He was intent on preaching the kingdom of God.  This was the mission of the Lord Jesus as he went from town to town.

 During the time of Jesus the Jewish people, as a whole, were very unhappy because of the oppression caused by the Roman Empire. They wanted to be rid of the Roman yoke. They wanted to the days of glory restored as they were under King David and King Solomon.

 It was obvious to everyone, including the Roman rulers, that Jesus was extremely popular with the masses. He must have been considered a risk to the Roman occupation and they must have kept a close watch on Him.

 In the natural sense Jesus could have mustered together a great army and if it was God’s will they would have delivered Israel from the hands of the enemy and Jesus would have established His rule there and then.

 But Jesus did not come to establish an earthly kingdom, but a spiritual one to be made up of all born again believers.

Political expediency and physical conquest was not on Jesus’ agenda. He never deviated from His one mission that would lead Him to the cross.

 The cross would enable Him to become King in the lives of millions and millions of people and one day soon He will return to establish Divine rule on this earth.

Dear Lord Jesus thank You for fulfilling the reason You were sent to earth.   Help me to fully yield to Your authority and kingship over me today so that I may fully do Your will