The Treasure Displayed

“A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good; and an evil man out of the evil treasures of his heart brings forth evil. For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.” - Luke 6:45

 Jesus says that our hearts are like a treasure-chest. Our physical heart is the vital organ that keeps the blood flowing through our entire bodies. The spiritual heart is the inner, deepest, sanctum, of our being.

 When deep sea treasurer hunters find a sunken galleon they immediately anticipate a rich haul of gold and silver coins and exquisite jewellery. But sometimes what they find are just old broken artefacts that are of little value

 The treasure within your heart may be very beautiful or it may be just a lot of rubbish. You only assess its true value when it is brought to the surface. And that happens when we speak.

 We may hear people say that so and so has a filthy mouth because they are always cursing and swearing but in actual fact it is a black heart that they have, because all that disgusting language comes from within their very being.

 When a person speaks, the content of the heart is revealed. If a person, for instance, is obsessed with money, he will speak much about finance. If it is cars, he will speak a great deal about cars. If it is the Bible, the word of God, he will talk much about God.  

 Whatever is in the treasure-chest of the heart will be spoken about. Your words are the index of your heart. Your words are the rudder of your life and you go in the direction of your words. Your words are life or death. We are either condemned or justified by the words of our mouths.

 Begin today, if you have not done so before, to take note of the words that flow out of your mouth. Speak those words that encourage, that bless people. Say things that you believe will come to pass about individuals. Change what you have been saying about others that have been negative into positive confessions.

 Dear God my Father, help me today to guard my heart that I may speak good and helpful words to my family, friends and strangers. May the words of my mouth be acceptable and pure in Your ears, in Jesus' name.