He Came to Save

“For the Son of Man did not come to destroy men’s live but to save them.”- Luke 9:56

 Whether we know it or not there has been conflict raging around planet earth and its inhabitants. If it could be made into a movie it would probably be a science fiction blockbuster. The only significant point is that this is not fiction. It is very real.

 Jesus came to the earth heralded by the angels that peace is on its way. Jesus in His entire ministry only displayed love, kindness and comfort. He had compassion on children, the poor, the sick and the demon possessed.

 Yet some religious leaders accused Him of being a devil, which is preposterous because the whole goal of Jesus was to overthrow the rule that the devil has over the people of this planet.

 Jesus never harmed anyone and He revealed exactly what the nature of the devil is. He called him a thief and his purpose is to kill and destroy, whereas Jesus had come to give life and for us to have a life of abundance.

 Jesus moved in love, all that He did was an expression of love. There was nothing unkind or destructive in Jesus’ behaviour.

 Therefore, how dare we blame Him for the bad things in life?  He is not to blame for diseases, wars, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes that bring destruction. Insurance policies like to insert a little sentence that excludes “An act of God”. They should really change that to, “An act of the devil.”

 Jesus came to bring salvation to everyone who would believe and receive His forgiveness. On top of that God has promised to live within us to help us live a life that will bring glory to His name.

 The devil is a destroyer, but Jesus is the Saviour and giver of new life – in abundance.

 He will come into your situation that may be seemingly hopeless and guide you through the rough times. You can trust Jesus because he loves you and cares for you.

 Dear, heavenly Father thank You once again today for Your great and fathomless love.  Thank You for your saving power and grace, in the name of the Lord Jesus