Don’t Touch the Glory

I do not receive honour from men.” – John 5:41

 The world of music and entertainment is filled with men and women who demand a certain celebrity status. Movie stars, sports stars and even captains of commerce and industry, and of course, world leaders, receive praise and applause.

 There is nothing wrong with showing one’s appreciation by applauding some good efforts, but it can be a problem for those who receive the ovation.

 The verse above in the Amplified version reads, “I receive not glory from men – I crave no human honour, I look for no mortal fame.”

 Unfortunately, many celebrities crave the acclaim of the crowds and feed off and sometimes it even creeps into church circles.

 But as a wise man once said, “When the applause of the world is gained, what hast thou?  A vain, empty puff of wind. They think much of thee, thou thinkest much of thyself and in the meantime God thinks nothing of thee.”

 It is very clear that Jesus never sought the approval of people. He sought to please the Father first and foremost. Though they shouted “hosanna s” when Jesus entered Jerusalem, Jesus took none of that praise for Himself.

 It should be so with us. Let us never be guilty of taking any glory for ourselves. The Holy Trinity are due all praise, honour and glory. We are to be servants of the Most High, but we are servants with the greatest perks in the world. We get to live in the Father’s house for eternity.

 Heavenly Father You are to be greatly praised and honoured. I am forever thankful for Your gift of salvation and the precious blood of Jesus. Help me never to take any glory for myself.