A Challenging Request

“I say to you who hear: love your enemies, do good to those who hate you.” - Luke 6:27

 It is not difficult to love those who love you, and show kindness to those who are kind to you. But what about people we do not like?

 Unfortunately we all experience people who dislike us and even express their feelings openly in opposition towards us. They exhibit deliberate extreme dislike in their actions and their words towards us. How can one love someone who is so anti towards you?

 Jesus says love your enemies. How can you manage that, you may ask, when someone is so nasty and awful to you? Well, it is a matter of faith and belief. The Bible says that love always triumphs in the end because there is nothing more powerful than love.

 Ask God, and think of ways, in which you can show love to those who are antagonistic towards you. To retaliate with the same attitude that is shown towards you, will never help but only worsen the situation. An eye for an eye attitude will not help.

 The goodness of the Lord leads us to repentance, and when we emulate the Lord Jesus and do good to those who hate us the outcome will be very rewarding. Taking a stand in an opposite direction is very constructive and helpful.  

 Christ is in you and He is at work in you to change the attitude of those who are motivated with hatred. Our love and doing good is very powerful when put into action continually and to live at peace with all men will disarm the contentious, aggressive and hateful attitudes of others.  

 Dear Lord Jesus, thank You today for helping me to live at peace with all. Help me today to do good and to walk in love.