Believers in Action

“…they will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.” - Mark 16:18

 Jesus did not mean, or infer, that we who believe are to deliberately pick up and handle snakes to prove our faith and devotion to Him, although some cults do this to prove their faith – and quite a few have died! No, Jesus did not mean that.

 When the apostle Paul, was ship-wrecked on the island of Malta he assisted with others to gather firewood. Then as he tossed the firewood onto the fire a snake that had been hiding in between the sticks suddenly emerged and sank its fangs into Paul’s hand.

 Paul, without showing any concern or fear, shook the snake off his hand and let it fall into the fire.

 The islanders, after watching him for some time and waiting for him to die, were amazed. Nothing happened to him and people immediately thought he was a god. This supernatural event led to many coming to Paul for him to pray for them and many were healed including the governor of the island.

 We are not to go about picking up serpents deliberately but, if this happens accidentally we too can be protected and delivered from all harm.

 Today we demonstrate our authority over that serpent, the devil. We live and determine to live in total victory over all the power of the devil 

 Dear Lord Jesus, I thank You today for Your victory over all the power of the devil. You crushed his head and triumphed over him and I share in that victory today, by walking in and obeying Your word.