Following Jesus

 “Follow Me.” - Luke 5:27

 Only two words and a desire expressed by Him to us to follow Him. He called people from different walks of life to follow Him. Many did so readily, leaving all, to do whatever He required of them.

 When you decide to follow Him you do not know exactly where He will lead you but there is joy, contentment and fulfilment in following Him. He left us an example that we should follow in His footsteps. We follow His example in His obedience to the will of God His Father. We follow His example of integrity, love, faith, mercy and commitment.

 It helps me, when faced with certain situations to ask the question “what would Jesus do? What would Jesus say?” He is our example when all is really said and done.

 To follow Him means we are His disciples learning from Him, endeavouring to be like Him in word and deed. We follow Him, watching and learning how to pray like Him. We learn how to pray for the sick and how to cast out devils. We learn how to exercise self-control, to be patient and forgiving. We learn how to be focused and determined to fulfil the task that has been given us to do.

 We follow Him because He is the way, the truth and the life. We follow Him because He has the words of life. We follow Him because there is no other way.

 What, and who, am I following today, is a valid question, because this determines my destination? There are many leaders and things I could be following, but today determine to follow Him with all your heart and do His will without hesitation.

 Dear heavenly Father, You have laid Your hand upon me and given me direction in my life. I determine by Your grace to do what is right and follow You Lord with all my heart

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