Faithfulness has a Cost

He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much...” – Luke 16:10

 Jesus was faithful to go to an agonising death on the cross. He was faithful in taking upon Himself the ugliness of all of the sin ever committed on this earth.

 One mark of a Christian is their faithfulness and commitment to Christ. The characteristic of faithfulness, though, starts early in our lives.  Are we faithful to fulfil our promises to others? Are we faithful to our spouses? Are we faithful to our word?

 The world is full of empty promises made by politicians who only want to catch the votes of the masses. They promise everything but deliver very little.

 But God asks us to be faithful in our walk with Him. Faithfulness demands a choice of doing what God wants or what our selfish desires cry out for.

 Abraham was faithful to God, even when asked to sacrifice his son Isaac.

Queen Esther was faithful at the risk of her life.

Daniel was faithful to God and it cost him a trip to the lion’s den.

The three Hebrew youths were thrown into a fiery furnace for their faithfulness.

Stephen was a faithful witness and it cost him his life.

 We, who live in South Africa, are fortunate that we have freedom of religion and freedom of speech.

 In some countries it is not so and to witness for Christ could cost you dearly.

 Dear heavenly Father, thank You that we have freedom to proclaim the gospel and help me to be faithful to You and Your word.