Tell your Friends

 “Go home to your friends, and tell them what great things the Lord has done for you, and how He has had compassion on you.” - Mark 5:19

 The man was demented, separated from his friends because of his condition. He was considered to be totally insane. Because of his violence he had been chained, but he broke them like they were threads of cotton.

 He would take off his clothes and run around naked screaming. He was always agitated, crying out night and day, even cutting himself with stones, living in the mountains and the cemetery, tormented by evil spirits that controlled his speech and his actions. It looked like a hopeless case with the man condemned to living like that for the rest of his life.

 Jesus confronts this naked, fearful, tormented man, and sets him free from the many demons that possessed him and gives them permission to enter some pigs nearby. The herdsmen were astonishment when their pigs became demon possessed, ran violently down the steep slopes and into the sea where they drowned. The Bible says there were 2 000 demons.

 The herdsmen fled and told everyone everywhere about this amazing event and the people came to see what had happened. They found this formerly demon possessed, mad man, in his right mind, dressed and calmly sitting down.

 The demon possessed man pleaded with Jesus to take him with Him but Jesus said “Go and tell your friends about the great thing the Lord did for you”.  

 We need to tell our friends about the great things the Lord has done for us. Share the good things of the Lord with someone today.  Tell your friends about Jesus and His goodness.  

 Dear heavenly Father, Your goodness, favour and blessing, continually follows me. Help me to share and tell others about the great things You do for me. Help me to share the gospel with someone today.