Be at Peace

But whatever house you enter, first say, ‘Peace to this house.” – Luke 10:5

 After the First World War people said that such a thing should never happen again. Then after the Second World War they said the same thing. Many years ago the United Nations was established with a view to ensuring that nations of the world would not go to war again.

 Well, we know that despite their best efforts there have been dozens of conflicts around the world since 1945. In fact, we now live in an age of terrorist warfare, which is a constant threat to the nations of the world.

 A young boy once asked his parents how wars started. The father began to explain about the economic factors and the need for natural resources, but this all seemed a bit too complicated for the boy to understand. So the mother chipped in, “Let me explain.”

 She began explaining, but the father kept interrupting and then got angry and it ended with a robust argument.  The frightened little boy lifted up his hands and cried, “Stop! It’s all right, now I know how wars begin.”

 Jesus in today’s verse is instructing His disciples to offer a blessing of peace on the households they visited because when there is peace in the home there will be peace in the community as well.

The home should be a haven of peace from all the distractions and turmoil of the world. Anger and disunity should not enter our doorways. The home is where a family learns to live in peace and harmony, despite their diverse personalities and likes and dislikes.

 As one little boy said, “If you want to stop war in the world, stop war in the home.”

 Dear heavenly Father, thank You that Jesus has promised me His peace. I ask that this peace will fill my home and my life. Help me to rest in Your everlasting arms, knowing that You love me and care for me

Jesus DomeBe at Peace