Dealing with Demons

“This kind can come out by nothing but prayer and fasting.” - Mark 9:29

 The disciples when they were alone with Jesus asked him why they had failed in casting out the devil from the young boy when he had been brought to them first by the father.

 They got a straight forward answer, “It was because of your unbelief”. It was not that this particular demon was any more powerful than others, but that their level of faith was not what it should have been to deal with the problem.

 The solution, he says, is prayer and fasting.

 We know that we use the name of the Lord Jesus aggressively when dealing with the devil, but both prayer and fasting are vital, along with the word of God, to build our faith to succeed properly against the manifestation and power of the devil.

 There is no formula offered by Jesus, but rather an encouragement to the lifestyle of committed prayer and times of fasting.

 When you fast and how long you fast are your decision. The same as what time of day or night you pray and how long you pray.

 It seems that the practice in the early church was to spend an hour a day in prayer and they fasted two days a week.

 If you want to see people set free from evil spirits and demonic oppression then you will need to spend more time in prayer and fasting. Jesus said that evil spirits could be driven out “ONLY BY”, obviously referring to the need for dedicated times of prayer and fasting.

 Dear Father in Heaven, in the name of the Lord Jesus I ask that You will help me to be obedient and be disciplined to fast and pray on a regular basis so that I may be an effective witness for You