The Value of a Soul

“For what will it profit a man, if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?” - Mark 8:36, 37

 It is interesting that Jesus places the value of a soul over and above the whole earth. You may amass a fortune and be extremely rich in your assets, wealthy beyond compare – not that it is wrong to have wealth – but it is what riches do to you that is dangerous rather than what you do with it.

 If our wealth increases we are not to set our hearts upon it. All the wealth of the world cannot satisfy the soul. All the fame and popularity that the world may bestow upon you cannot satisfy the longing of the soul.

 We are eternal beings because the soul and spirit on the inside of our bodies are eternal and can never die. God breathed into man in the beginning and man became a living soul. That part of us which is eternal is extremely valuable. There is nothing, not even the whole world that can be taken in exchange for the soul.

 The story is told of a man taking a journey on a Trans-Atlantic crossing. He was extremely boastful, about possessing an exquisite diamond. One day on deck with a crowd of spectators around him he said that everything he possessed was in that diamond.

 “I sold everything to buy this”, and he threw it into the air, scintillatingly beautiful in the brilliant sunlight. He caught it, saying, “And is it not beautiful?” He threw it up again, the ship pitched awkwardly and as the diamond fell it rolled across the deck and into the sea.   He clutched the railings wailing, “Lord God all I have is lost”.

 Yes, he had lost all his worldly wealth, but whether he knew it or not, he still possessed his soul, worth more than a million diamonds like the one he had lost.

 Dear Father in Heaven thank You for Your presence and guidance. Without You I am helpless and can do nothing. Thank You for Your abiding love and peace in my heart today. Teach me to value my eternal soul and the treasure that we all have within us.