Take up your Cross

“Whoever desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.” - Mark 8:34

The desire to follow Jesus is extended to everyone and anyone. In following Jesus you are immediately confronted with the things He confronted. The road He travelled was not an easy one. He was confronted with persecution, misunderstanding and opposition of all kinds.

The road He travelled finally took Him to the place called Calvary, the place of execution. He had His cross upon which He would die placed upon His shoulders and He carried it. They mocked and ridiculed Him, beat Him and put Him to open shame.

The cross speaks of suffering, pain and separation. In following Him you are to pick up your cross – it is one especially suited to you – it is your cross. Not all of us go through the same experiences but in following Jesus we will not be treated differently than the way He was treated.

 If you aspire to follow Jesus you have to give up all rights to yourself. There is no place for self-righteousness, no place for self-exaltation. It is a humble place of submission and self-denial, willingly following Him. There can never be a crown without a cross. The road you travel In following Jesus will not be an easy road but it is glorious and rewarding to follow Him.

 He left us an example that we should follow in His footsteps. Determine today, regardless of circumstances, that you will take up your cross and follow Him.

 Dear God my Father, I submit to You and Your will completely today as I determine to follow the Lord Jesus. Help me to bear my cross.