The New Covenant

“Take, eat; this is My body.” - Matthew 26:26

 Jesus, while keeping the Passover meal with His disciples, is establishing a New Covenant with His disciples. He uses bread as a symbol of His body which will be sacrificed on the cross, and which would also symbolise His church. Paul, in the epistle to the I Corinthians (11:23-34), reminds us that as often as we eat the bread in communion we show the Lord’s death until He comes. Jesus establishes something that reminds us of His sacrificial death and His promise to return.  

 Communion, the Lord’s Table or Mass, as it is often called, is a replacement by Jesus of the Passover meal, which has been kept yearly by the Jews. The Passover that they were keeping is a reminder of the great exodus of the children of Israel from Egypt where they had been in bondage and slavery. The meal was part of the Old Covenant which was now passing away with Jesus instituting a New Covenant established on better promises.  

 It is a New Covenant with a new people - those who are redeemed through His sacrificial death on the cross. Bread eaten sustains life and always has been the stable diet of most people. When you partake and eat bread at Communion you partake of Him symbolically as the sustainer of your daily life.

 We acknowledge that without Him we are nothing and can do nothing. You declare that you are one with Him and that He is part of you. The bread also represents His Church and we declare at Communion that we are part of this great, universal body of believers. We are not alone, but belong to a family of many millions who worship in nations around the world.

 Dear heavenly Father, thank You that I am a part of the New Covenant that You established through the Lord Jesus. Thank You for all the benefits and blessings that flow to me through this Covenant, in the name of the Lord Jesus.