Don’t Be Foolish

“And while they went to buy, the bridegroom came, and those who were ready went in with him to the wedding; and the door was shut.” - Matthew 25:10

 Jesus, emphasises, the importance of being prepared and ready for His coming by teaching a parable. There are ten virgins that await the coming of the bridegroom. They have their lamps filled with oil and burning. Five of them have an extra supply of oil in case it is necessary to fill their lamps if the wick stops burning.

 While waiting for the bridegroom all the lamps go out. The five who have extra oil fill their lamps and are ready for the marriage, the five, however, who were unprepared ask those who have extra to give them some of their oil, and are refused.

 The foolish virgins go to buy oil but while they are doing this the bridegroom arrives. The foolish virgins return to find they are too late and the door is shut.

 When God shuts a door no one can open it. When the door to Noah’s ark was shut, there was no way it opened again, despite people drowning outside. It was too late to be saved.

 Let it never be too late for you to be saved. Be observant of the signs of the time and be prayerfully awaiting and ready for His glorious return.

 Dear Lord Jesus thank You for the change that you bring about in a life that is surrendered to you. Help me today to be ever expectant and prepared for your coming. Help me to be a witness to the lost while there is yet time.