Enduring to the end

“But he who endures to the end shall be saved.” - Matthew 24:13

 There was a song that was sung which expressed the Christian life as being difficult and hard. Congregations lustily sang, “It’s not an easy road as we travel here below”. It may have been a nice melody, but, in truth, the lyrics were not in tune with God’s word because the Bible declares that the way of the transgressor is hard, not the way of the righteous.  

 Nothing should allow us to be sidetracked or deterred from our life and walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. There will be trials, there will be difficulties, and many challenges, but He comes to live in us and helps us to overcome in every situation.  

 It is easy to blame circumstances, others, and even God, because our prayers have not been answered and we are tempted to give up, throw in the towel and call it a day. Temptations, trials and adversity are part of life and in overcoming them we are strengthened in our faith and life in Him. We are to endure hardness as a good soldier serving Him faithfully with all our heart.  

 Jesus made it clear to His disciples that endurance is very necessary to fulfill our destiny. You cannot give up when God is on your side.

 The devil is determined to hinder you from being conformed to the image of Christ, but he is not going to win. Come what may, whatever the situations you find yourself in Jesus is with you, in you, and for you. You will not, and cannot fail, but will succeed.

 Keep on keeping on, despite what crosses your path to hinder you. Keep your eyes on the goal. Keep pressing on and endure to the end. You will one day stand in His presence and hear Him say, “Well done good and faithful servant.”  

 Dear Lord Jesus thank You for the example You left us. You endured misunderstanding, criticism, abuse, hatred and even death. Thank You for helping me to be faithful to You and Your cause, and never to turn back.