Get Rid of the Baggage

Come to Me, all you who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” – Matthew 11:28

Such is human nature that when we hear the word “rest” we think about kicking off our shoes, putting up our legs,  lying back on a deckchair and letting the world go by.

But that is not the kind of rest that Jesus offers.

Our verse today refers to labour and those who are heavy laden. This is a reference to the burden of laws and rules that were imposed on the Jews by the religious rulers of the day.

For us today it is a reference to emotional and stressful things that cause us to struggle in our lives.

A frequent burden that some Christians carry is guilt from the past, like an abortion, an inappropriate sexual relationship, a failure at work or in the home. This is allowed to fester and becomes emotionally crippling.

Or it may be a burden of grieve or it may be bitterness that gnaws away, stealing your joy and making life burdensome.

Maybe it’s plain frustration of trying too hard to be a Christian. Yes, you can try too hard. Jesus never asked us to “try” and live like Him. He wants to live in you and do it through you. You have to let go.

If you are laden down and carrying a burden of emotional baggage Jesus invites you to place it on Him.

Guilt, bitterness and failure need to be confessed, and forgotten just as God casts it into His sea of forgetfulness.  Don’t allow the devil to make your mind his playground and bring back all the dark things of the past. It has been blotted out by the blood. It is as though it never happened.

When you accept that glorious fact you will find true rest in Jesus.

Dear heavenly Father, thank You for taking all my sins away. Thank You that I am a new creation and all things are new. I have a clean heart and a renewed mind and I walk in the power of Your Son Jesus.