Your House Guest

“Zacchaeus, make haste and come down, for today I must stay at your house.” – Luke 19:5

Imagine if you met the Lord Jesus in the street and He asked to come home with you to your house. Would you be comfortable if Jesus sat in your lounge and started to read your magazines? Would you have to hide some things from Him?

How would you speak to your spouse? How would you respond to your children? Would your behaviour be the same?

Sometimes we live our lives as though the Lord does not see everything that goes on in our homes, in our private lives, in the office, or when we are on holiday.

Become more God conscious and you will be surprised how some of your behaviour will change. Just imagine Jesus at your side when you are about to shout at your children. Would Jesus handle the matter by losing His cool?

Our behaviour is so important in the home when we have young children. They are easily impressed and if parents fail to be the light that they should be it can become a stumbling block to the children.

You don’t have to be perfect because none of us are, but be real. When you do slip up and say or do something that is “unchristian” confess it and explain to the children that your reaction was not right. That kind of role model will bear much more fruit than putting on a hypocritical mask.

Dear Father, thank You for being in my life. Help me to live in Your presence, knowing that You walk with me each day of my life. Thank You for being my guide and my protector.

Jesus DomeYour House Guest